The All Nighter
Things You Should Invest In But May Not Know It…

In Studio there are many things to buy and spend money on…but there are also some things that you may overlook.  Sure, they are luxury items but sometimes they really do make your life better.   Here are some “not so obvious” items you should spend your summer cash on:

1 - A Comfortable Mouse - you think it’d be obvious since you use the computer everyday (especially later years) that you should invest in a good mouse.  You would not believe the mice that some kids use…tiny ones that cramp your hands…crappy ones that don’t allow precise movement…etc.  I own a Logitech and I’m pretty sure I used it more than my ipod and I obviously used it as much as my laptop so yea…treat yourself to a good mouse

2 - A Good Studio Chair - your gonna use this more than your bed and it’s probably gonna be your bed at some point.  Where I went the chairs were good but not the best, unfortunately I never got to buy one but I envied the kids who did.  Buy a nice chair and a lock to chain it to your desk cause trust me…people are gonna “borrow” it all the time. \

3 - A Nice Big Coffee Maker - This, for obvious reasons but there are also some more benefits that are not so obvious.  Everyone who drinks it, you can make chip in, and your doing other people a favor for something you were gonna do anyway…never know when that favor will come back at ya!

4 - A Piece of Carpet or Rug - Obviously you would be in studio more often than your apartment or dorm. So instead of planting your bare feet on the cold studio floor or wearing your shoes all night, a nice carpet can do wonders. Similar to what John Mclane did in Die Hard, dig your toes into the fibers and feel at home.. even though you’re in hell. 

None of these are necessary but can make your life better in studio which is always a good thing.  You guys got any more suggestions?

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